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Every day you hear business owners or corporate employees talking about their Facebook presence, Twitter account, or Instagram following, yet few do very much to maximize their online exposure, grow their online image, and get the results they deserve using social media.Simply having an online presence will not gain you results. You must have a strategy, a message, and ongoing dialog to truly gain results from your social media marketing. Also, long gone are the days of one-way dialogue with your consumers. Technology, resources, and social platforms have allowed for a two-way dialogue like never before. Can you believe there are nearly 2 billion active users on Facebook every month? That’s just crazy, but every day social media marketing changes and there is a lot more to it than creating Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter accounts. Captain Clever’s team will work with your brand to leverage the proper techniques, tools, platforms, and strategies to meet your business goals. Many people don’t understand that the right following on facebook or using ads with a targeted audience can single handily turn your business into a success. Consider this, if you sell chef apparel wouldn’t it make sense to run ads to chefs? That’s what we do, we have been trained by some of the best in the industry, and we are good at it. Are you an insurance agent who has a great product for lawn care companies? Why advertise to the general public when we can advertise your

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