If anyone tries to convince you that there is any better form of advertising other than pay per click you can confidently tell them their wrong! It’s pretty clear to most people that being on the first page of Google, Yahoo, and Bing is worth its weight in gold for businesses of all sizes in today’s economy. All of the major search engines including google, yahoo, and bing have pay per click services. To make a long story short pay per click advertising is paying for your website link, phone number, and ad to be placed in a highlighted section or marked “ad” above all organic rankings on any search engine results page. Pay per click advertising can drastically range in price depending on what niche you’re advertising for and how many different keyword phrases you want to be placed on. You can do as little as one keyword or thousands. Since it’s a process of biding against your competition and the fact that Google takes note of things like click through rate and ad conversion rates it’s important that you know what you’re doing. We see people every day paying three times more than we do and coming up below us in the rankings just because they don’t know how to write ads. We also do pay per click advertising on social media sites like facebook, Instagram, and twitter. On these types of sites you can pay for traffic to be driven to your website or you can use their advertising to go your audience. For example, we all know how important a large following on facebook can be. You can actually run an ad where you pay for clicks when someone likes your page. Faceboook will strategically place your ad where they think you will gain the most likes from users. We have been trained by Google and are ready to show you what being on the first page of google can do for your business!